How to play Ocarina of Time with cell-shading and hi-res textures on Windows 7

NOTE: If you have any questions, write a comment.


27th of October, 2010: Tested with Windows 7.

12th of March, 2008: Tested with Windows XP.

The communities for old console games are quite amazing, I myself am mostly interested in Nintendo 64 games, especially The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (best game ever made), and I had heard about someone redoing all the textures. I finally decided to check it out and since it took me forever to figure this out, I thought I might as well do a guide about it.


First of all you need an emulator to run the game, the most popular are 1964 and Project 64. Since I got everything working first on 1964, that’s what I’ll be talking about in this guide. So, without further ado:

  1. Download 1964 version 0.9.9 here.
  2. Install it.

Now we need a better video plugin, the most popular is the Rice Video Plugin version 6.1.1 beta 10. As far as I’ve understood a guy named ‘Mudblood’ started updating it after that, so this is the last version made by ‘Rice’ himself.

  1. Download Rice Video Plugin version 6.1.1 beta 10 here.
  2. Unpack it and put the two dll files in this folder: C:/<installation folder>/1964/099/plugin/.
  3. You need another file though, it’s called BMGlib.dll and you can download the package here.
  4. Unpack it and put the dll file in C:/<installation folder>/1964/099/.

Now we need to configure 1964.

  1. Open the program.
  2. Go to Plug-ins -> Change Plug-ins.
  3. Select Rice’s Video Plugin 6.1.1 beta 10 from the dropdown window under System Default Video Plugin.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Go to Plug-ins -> Video Settings.
  6. Go to the General Options tab.
  7. Change Full Screen Resolution to something higher (like 1024 x 768).
  8. Uncheck Hide Advanced Options.
  9. Press OK (closing the options window).
  10. Reopen Plug-ins -> Video Settings.
  11. Go to the Texture Filters tab.
  12. Change Texture Quality to 32-bit Texture.
  13. Change Texture Enhancement to 2x (Double the texture size).
  14. Check Load hi-res textures if available.
  15. Press OK.

That’s all for setting up the emulator.


Now you need the rom, the game itself. I can’t really help you with that, although looking here may be a good idea. The rom I’m using is called Legend of Zelda, The – Ocarina of Time (U) (V1.0), the guide may work on other versions of, though. If you find the rom you can run it from 1964 by pressing Ctrl + D and then selecting the folder where it’s located.

Cell-Shading and Hi-Res

This is really what makes it worth going through all this trouble to play the game. The texture packs are rather hard to find, but I found two of the most popular. The first one is made by a guy named ‘Djipi’. He spend 1,5 years redoing every single texture in the game, making it look like Wind Waker. The second pack is with high-resolution textures, which look a lot like the textures from Twilight Princess. This is how you install them:

  1. Download the cell-shading package here (mirror 1, mirror 2).
    Or, download the hi-res package here (mirror).
    UPDATE: I found a more complete, community-created hi-res package, download here. (More info, video and screenshots here.)
  2. Unzip the package you selected.
  3. Put everything into C:/<installation folder>/1964/099/plugin/hires_texture/ (you may need to manually create the hires_texture folder).
  4. Now your directory structure should look like this: C:/<installation folder>/1964/099/plugin/hires_texture/The Legend of Zelda.

If that’s the case you’re done! If you want to try the other package you can rename the The Legend of Zelda folder, and then put the other folder in there. Now, when you open up 1964 and double-click the rom the emulator should start going through all the new textures before loading the game. If it doesn’t find anything you probably forgot to check Load hi-res textures if available.

Taking it to the next level

Playing Ocarina of Time on a keyboard isn’t quite the same though, I decided to buy this, so now I use my wireless Xbox 360 controller to play it and all my other roms. Also, you can connect eight controllers to it, which is awesome.

There are also some unfinished high-resolution texture packs for Ocarina of Time but I haven’t been able to find working download links. There are a lot more texture packs on, but, as I said, it’s pretty hard to find packs that are totally done. Anyway, hope the guide is helpful, here are some screenshots:

Cell Shading Package







High-Resolution Package




  1. zeldafanjr

    Its not letting me change the plugins!!!!

  2. fookhar

    Oh my God!!!!

  3. Mc

    Hey I did everything ok but there is one thing that isnt happening it goes to the loading part where it loads the texture packs but it goes off and starts the game in 68mseconds i dont know what im doing but when i open the emulater it says cant read the ini file what should i do?

  4. Mc

    Thank u Thank u thanku!!!!! It worked i got thanks

  5. Holly

    Wow That's amazing… I'm SOOOO excited to get my new laptop.

  6. Josh S

    Great tutorial! However when in-game, there are textures missing. I went looking through the HiRes folder, and found them. I'm just curious as to why they won't load. Also when I press “Start” which is set as the “Enter” key on my keyboard, the menu doesn't load, and the picture freezes, however the game continues. This happens for about 5 seconds at a time, when I press “Start”. Any advice?

  7. fookhar

    Where do you find these textures in the ingame world? Inside or outside Kokiri Forest? There may be a problem with the texture package itself, I never played enough with it to check textures outside the forest.

    I have no clue concerning the menu freeze, your hardware may not be good enough?

  8. Mc

    for the dudes that want to have texture packss on project 64 1.7 only u do the same process from the guide and simply do it on project 64 1.7.

    Credits go to me of course

  9. fookhar

    You want credits for telling us that it might work with version 1.7?

  10. ScrewedAzn

    This works with Windows Vista, I am trying to figure out how to increase the text speed however, it is too slow.

  11. OuroborosX

    No credit to him.
    It WILL work, you have to put the rice video plugins in something like C:/Project64 1.7/Plugin/GFX
    and then put the bmglib in C:/Project64 1.7
    Then you just do the settings like you would do in 1.6 and viola.
    1.7 compatible.
    Credit to me.

  12. OuroborosX

    Scratch that, credit to the first person to find out.

  13. Link

    sweet but will these work on vr 1.0 (U) [!] ?

  14. That I do not know. :)

  15. Tsunamix

    OK everything is done, checked, downloaded, everything u said in the guide. BUT i am attempting to use the twilight princess graphics. the game runs but says a quick message at the beginning that i believe to say “Textures not loaded” which would make sense because when i play it, the textures are of the origional game. I have windows XP (NOT VISTA) I dont see why this isnt working, can anyone help?!

  16. It’s almost two years since I wrote the post, so I do not really remember alot about how it works. Sorry.

  17. Santeh

    Hi Marcus.. Im triying to put the Option in “Change plug-ins” And NOTHING not workz.. Only appear “Rice’s Daedalus 5.2.0” U can help me please.. I try to put the RiceVideo in Project64 And a error Ocurred.. Please help marcus Thanks you very much

    • Hi, as I’ve said previously, it’s several years since I wrote this guide, I have no recollection of what troubleshooting steps I went through, sorry.

  18. matt

    guys… dont listen it dosen’t work. I’ve tried this, and about 40 other things people say. It just doesn’t work none of them.

  19. Corbin

    This awesome! I even made a song for it!
    ?Is it wind waker?? ?Is it ocarina of time??

  20. Sanity's_Theif

    Unfortunately, this does NOT work with Windows Vista, it loads all the textures and then Windows says the program has stopped working, same thing happens when using Project 64

    Is there ANYTHING Vista users can do to get this stuff working?

  21. Emu

    1964 emulator runs this well. Tick Windows Sp2 compatibility mode if you crash in win 7 / vista / x64

  22. aslay

    well pretty good but,ermm several things is missing if the wind maker texture + high resolution texture it will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!

  23. Crystal

    I can’t seem to get it working (Project64 X Glide64; Win7.) Also, I see four moons in the beginning…

  24. Layton

    the change plugins button is always gray i cant click it help!

  25. Thomas

    Thank you so much for your guide! I promise i will recommend it!

  26. aquavolt

    wait in one of the pictures of the cell shaded texture pack the item slots are also like windwaker. how to you get it to do that since the texture pack doesn’t do that

  27. awsome

    can I run the cell shaded graphics with the high res? that would be pretty sweet, and thi better not be a scam or virus.