E-Mail & Contacts

All my e-mail accounts (personal, work & school) forward to my main Gmail account, and I use Gmail’s web interface since no application support Gmail’s labels and filters very effectively, as far as I know. Gmail also makes it possible to set the sender of composed e-mails to external e-mail addresses, meaning that I can send e-mails from my student account from within Gmail’s web interface.

I strive to have no more than 20 e-mails in my inbox. To do this I use stars for important e-mails in the following fashion:

Red Star: Needs attention today or tomorrow.
Orange Star: Needs attention within a week.
Green Star:
Needs attention within 1-6 months.
Yellow Star: Needs no attention until reply is received.

Furthermore I use filters and labels extensively, also based on colors:

Reddish Labels: School-related.
Greenish Labels: Work-related.
Blueish Labels: Receipts, invoices, etc.

My contacts are synched from Google to my iPhone, I am however thinking of switching this to iCloud when it becomes available.

To-dos and Project Management

For personal to-dos I use Flow. The interface is amazing and so are the features. The service syncs automatically with their iPhone application and it has a Mac application making it possible to always add to-dos with keyboard shortcuts. My use of it is quite simple, I have different lists depending on the category of the to-do, and I use the “flagged” feature to flag important to-dos such as pressing homework.

For project work I have mostly used Pivotal Tracker. Although it’s designed for software projects, I have also used it for other project-related tasks such as writing reports.


I use Google Calendar for all my calendar needs. Within it I have several external calendars added such as upcoming tv shows, Facebook events, and school schedule.


For notes I use Simplenote, another service which automatically syncs up with an iPhone application. I used Evernote for a while but found it to be too cluttered for my needs.


I use several services for bookmarking. I use Google Reader for my news reading, and within it I star news I want to read later. For websites I want to look at once or twice again I use Instapaper, and for sites I want saved permanently I use delicious.


  1. Simon

    Har aldrig set Flow før. Ser spændende ud, men deværre koster det penge. Ikke at jeg har noget imod det, men privat er det rart at man ikkal punge ud for hele familien :)

    • Ja, det er lidt dyrt. Jeg har også brugt Wunderlist en overgang, det er gratis og har web interface samt iPhone app, men mangler så også en del lækre funktioner.

  2. I just archived all my mail. It never bothered me to have ~36000 mails in my inbox, because.. it’s gmail, why care? But it did make my Gmail app 100 times faster and I guess it does look pretty neat.